Today’s Video Mix: OTT + Cable + Linear

Today’s Video Mix: OTT + Cable + Linear

The television business continues to evolve with traditional lines being blurred as streaming services offer network/cable streams with DVR capabilities and traditional linear services have their own apps and buy into OTT services and content. Adoption of virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (vMVPDs), which allow consumers to access an array of VOD streaming content, live broadcast programming and cable sources, has grown steadily over the past three years with YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live, DirecTV Stream and Sling TV driving much of the growth. What do these developments say about the viewing habits of today’s consumers? Are broadcasters and distribution companies responding effectively? Where do advertisers fit in?


  • Mathew Van Houten, Senior Vice President, Product, Ad Ops Systems & Services & Business Development, DirecTV Advertising
  • Julian Zilberbrand, Executive Vice President, Advanced Media & Data Solutions, Paramount
  • Dave Antonelli, VP, Media Sales, Dish Media
  • Sherry Brennan, Senior Media Executive, Ex-Fox, Whip Media


  • Colin Dixon, Founder & Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia