Future of Television 2022 Agenda

*Speakers, descriptions and times are subject to change

All times listed are Pacific Time
Day 1
07 Nov 2022

View From The Top: The Future of The Television Business

While the business of television – how shows get made, distributed and marketed – continues to evolve with the major streaming services playing a significant role, cable and broadcast television...
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Valerie Bruce
Rose Hulse
Ira Rubenstein
Carol Hanley
Madeline Berg

Keynote Conversation With David Alpert, CEO, Skybound

Please join us for a keynote conversation with David Alpert, the CEO of Skybound and Andrew Wallenstein, President and Chief Media Analyst of Variety Intelligence Platform. Keynote Speaker: David Alpert,...
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David Alpert
Andrew Wallenstein

Today’s Video Mix: OTT + Cable + Linear

The television business continues to evolve with traditional lines being blurred as streaming services offer network/cable streams with DVR capabilities and traditional linear services have their own apps and buy...
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Sherry Brennan
Dave Antonelli
Julian Zilberbrand
Matthew Van Houten
Colin Dixon

The Future of Diversity And Inclusion In The Television Industry

Across streaming, cable and broadcast, shows that reflect the country’s increasing racial and ethnic diversity are popular with viewers and drive returns for studios and platforms, according to a study...
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Veronica Hernandez
Tré Wright
Jay Tucker
Jesus Chavez

The Rising Popularity of AVOD and FAST

With the launch of AVOD services from Disney+ and Netflix right around the corner, join Whip Media for a discussion on the growing popularity of AVOD and FAST. Based on...
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Eric Steinberg
Colin Dixon
Day 2
08 Nov 2022

View From The Top: The State of The Streaming Business

Highlighting less ambitious programming, higher prices and frustration among creators, a features writer for The Washington Post recently argued that the streaming business is having “an existential crisis”. However true...
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David Chu
Katherine Pond
Nicole Sangari
Reemah Sakaan
Domenic DiMeglio

Web3 Keynote Conversation With Michelle Munson, CEO & Co-Founder, Eluvio

Please join us for a keynote conversation about Web3 adoption and implications for the media and entertainment industry with Michelle Munson, CEO & Co-Founder of Eluvio. Keynote Speaker: Michelle Munson,...
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Michelle Munson
Seth Shapiro


It’s long been said that “Content is King” in the media business but perhaps it has never been more true than in today’s increasingly fragmented media environment, where content is...
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Adam Lewinson
Chang Kim
Jeff Clanagan
Mike Vorhaus


Netflix announced earlier this year that it will be rolling out a new ad-supported streaming package in early 2023, joining the pack of streamers that already offer ad-supported options, which...
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Monique Pintarelli
Julian Franco
Tyler Aquilina
Anjali Midha
Kristina Shepard

Keynote Conversation with Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer, Palm NFT Studio

Please join us for a keynote conversation with Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer of Palm NFT Studio. Matt will be interviewed by Seth Shapiro, Principal of New Amsterdam Media Keynote...
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Matt Mason
Seth Shapiro
Day 3
09 Nov 2022

View From The Top: The Power of the Creator Economy

With more than 50 million creators worldwide including social media influencers, bloggers, and videographers, the creator economy is one of the fastest growing segments of media today. This panel will...
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Sarah Penna
Linnea Toney
Jim Louderback
David Williams
David Bloom

Keynote Conversation With Joanna Popper, Chief Metaverse Officer, CAA

Please join us for a keynote conversation with Joanna Popper, Chief Metaverse Officer of CAA and Christina Heller, the CEO of Metastage. Keynote Speaker: Joanna Popper, Chief Metaverse Officer, Creative...
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Joanna Popper
Christina Heller


A big problem facing marketers today is the inability to track users and access user data in light of privacy regulations. One of the promises of Web3 is to remove...
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Miheer Walavalkar
Krystal Hauserman
Peter Shiao
Phil Ranta
Doug Scott


TV creators are finding success adapting podcasts for television, among them Starz’s Gaslit, starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, was based on Slate’s podcast Slow Burn; Hulu’s The Dropout, starring...
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Ariel Shapiro
Nicholas Caprio
Molly Barton
Rick Jacobs
Marshall Lewy