View From The Top: The State of The Streaming Business

View From The Top: The State of The Streaming Business

Highlighting less ambitious programming, higher prices and frustration among creators, a features writer for The Washington Post recently argued that the streaming business is having “an existential crisis”. However true some of the claims may be, there is no denying that streaming continues to grow with 113 million American households accessing streaming services with the average household now having five subscriptions (Kantar). And the growth is coming from all streaming tiers: SVOD (paid streaming without ads), AVOD (paid ad-supported streaming) and FAST (free, ad supported streaming). This panel of industry leaders will discuss the state of business and look ahead to the drivers of future growth. What business models and pricing strategies are likely to drive adoption and user growth? How will the different services distinguish themselves and attract loyal subscribers? What innovations, business models and features will fuel growth in the marketplace?


  • Reemah Sakaan, CEO, BritBox
  • Domenic DiMeglio, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Paramount Streaming
  • Katherine Pond, Group Vice President, VIZIO
  • David Chu, Executive Vice President & GM, Cinedigm Networks


  • Nicole Sangari, Vice President, Entertainment, Kantar