View From The Top: The Future of The Television Business

View From The Top: The Future of The Television Business

While the business of television – how shows get made, distributed and marketed – continues to evolve with the major streaming services playing a significant role, cable and broadcast television combined continues to be the dominant form of viewership with the average American spending 4 hours and 49 minutes watching TV each day (Nielsen). With the return of live sports, Americans are spending more than twice the amount of time watching traditional live programming than content accessed through connected devices.. At the same time, streaming viewership continues to grow, outpacing cable or broadcast (taken separately) for the first time earlier this year. What do these trends suggest about the future of the television business? How are today’s business leaders evolving their businesses to reach audiences and satisfy consumer’s appetite for content?


  • Carol Hanley, President, Whip Media
  • Ira Rubenstein, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, PBS
  • Rose Hulse, Founder & CEO, ScreenHits TV
  • Valerie Bruce, General Manager, BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions


  • Madeline Berg, Media Editor, Business Insider