05 Oct 2018
9:45 am - 10:20 am


Visionary presenters give their perspectives on the future of television followed by Q/A.

Kirstine Stewart, President and CRO, TribalScale

What it Takes to Transform: Going Beyond Process and Practice and Looking at Culture
The nature of ‘television’ is changing. With emerging technologies and new consumer behaviors, organizations need to adapt to a market and media landscape that is complex and ever-evolving, this requires continuous innovation, agility, and transformation. In this session, Kirstine Stewart, President and CRO of TribalScale, discusses the must-dos for successful transformation in the changing world of television. Spoiler alert: it’s much more than processes and practices, it’s about humanistic mindsets and values.

Seth Geiger, President, SmithGeiger

The Battle for Screen Time: Key Trends in the Attention Economy
Dr. Seth Geiger will explore the different ways media consumers are shifting their consumption patterns. These trends are accelerating with a concurrent explosion of screen time and an accompanying set of challenges for traditional and emerging media platforms.

Gabrielle Gibbs, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Facebook

Big-Picture Planning – Understanding Value in a Multi-Screen World
Video advertising was once easily defined as a 15-second, 30-second or 60-second TV spot. Today, people’s changing viewing behaviors across devices can make the definition of video advertising unclear, and the number of formats that advertisers need to create for has expanded. Where do 6-second TV ads, digital gifs and cinemagraphs fall in the spectrum of advertising across people’s screens? And what does that mean for marketers today and tomorrow who are trying to plan video campaigns that cut across platforms? This session will discuss how marketers can achieve real business value across screens through insights on the complexity of consumer attention, the impact of digital advertising platforms on TV campaigns and best practices for cross-media planning and measurement.